About Us

Hey y’all! I’m Brooke, nice to meet ya! This is the little corner of the internet where I share bits and pieces of my life with my cute husband, Cody, and our sassy pup, Ava.

A little about us: Cody and I are lovers of adventure, food, silliness, and dogs (really dogs should have been 1st on that list). We were married two years ago and are so blessed to be with one another, we’re seriously BFF’s! Fast forward a year and a half into our marriage: here enters Ava The Husky Pup. She is the light of our lives and the sweetest fur baby anyone could dream of!

This blog is an outlet for reflection and sharing the goodness in life as a young little family; the happy and silly moments, adventures, fun creations, and whatever else we feel needs documenting! We hope you find something authentic, yummy, exciting, amusing, or uplifting while visiting us. We’re The Forever Taylors, and we’re so happy you’re here!



Why did you start a blog?

Because I’m nuts! Ok, kidding…kind of. I want my family to have a place to look back and recall our favorite memories. I have struggled with anxiety for some time, so I thought capturing and cataloging the things that make me happiest would give me the ability to go back and remember all of life’s little joys. I’ve put in so much work to make this blog everything I envisioned, and I just hope those who stumble upon it can find something relatable, uplifting, yummy, fun, or inspiring here.

When and how did you and Cody meet?

Ok, so long story short…Cody and I met in February of 2014 through our mutual friend Jackie (Thanks, Smalls!) while celebrating another mutual friends birthday. We have literally been inseparable ever since, not going a single day without talking! Good thing, too…since Jackie threatened that she couldn’t be my friend anymore if I ever broke Cody’s heart. Ha! Maybe someday I’ll post a more in depth meet-cute story on us 🙂

What advice do you have for couples or newlyweds?

I am by no means an expert on marriage! To be honest I think I’m a pain in the butt who just managed to snag the most patient and giving man on the planet. Of course every marriage has obstacles, and I think one of the most important things that helps keep our marriage afloat is assuming good intent. If you marry someone with good character you can always assume their heart is in the right place, even when they say something that hurts your feelings or you don’t see eye-to-eye on a certain subject. Assuming good intent can squash arguments before they even happen!

Do you two plan on having kids in the future?

The short answer is yes! We have lots of goals and ambitions as a family and so many of them include littles when the time is right. It’s all in God’s timing and we know He will bless us with babies at the perfect time for our family. In the meantime our hands are plenty full with our fur baby Ava!