Travel Guide: A Day in Sacramento

Hello friends! We’ve recently had the opportunity to spend some time in Northern California and it’s been a beautiful experience. Cody’s company moved him up to Napa temporarily for a special project. He’s been working a bunch, but that has given me lots of solo time to explore this beautiful part of California. He’s also had a few days off here and there that have allowed us to explore together as a couple; this weekend we spent one perfect winter day in Sacramento, and it was a blast! I am by no means an expert on Sacramento’s tree-lined streets, but I wanted to share with y’all what we did with our limited time & what we discovered.

What to Do with One Day in The City of TreesTower Bridge

See California’s State Capitol Building

Touring the capitol of the state I grew up in was so much more fun than I expected. The capitol building sits on a 40 acre park filled with beautiful foliage from all over the world, a rose garden, and several lovely commemorative monuments. Once inside the building you can take a guided tour or go the self-guided route. Just walking through the beautiful building and seeing the intricate details in the architectural design was so worth the time. Best part of touring the state capitol? It’s free!

California State Capitol Dome
Experience Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Culture

Sacramento is surrounded by thousands of acres of farm land, contributing to one of the richest farm-to-Fork cultures in the US. There are tons of eateries that focus on wholesome, locally grown, good-for-you ingredients. Mother & The Red Rabbit are two local favorites that carry vegetarian & vegan options, plus they’re walkable from Capitol Park. My favorite option, though, is hitting up one of Sacramento’s many farmers markets and having a picnic lunch.
Old Town Sacramento Sign

Visit Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento is filled with quirky shops and eateries, and its bustling with people! If you can find cheap or free parking within walking distance, I highly recommend walking there, because parking in this area is either hard to come by or unnecessarily expensive. We’re not much for souvenir shopping, but it was fun walking hand-in-hand down the cobblestone streets and taking in the perfectly preserved Gold rush era architecture. Old Sac even has it’s own single room yellow school house!
Old Town Sacramento Schoolhouse
Tower Bridge Near Old Town Sacramento

Get Some Culture at the Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker Art Museum is actually the longest continuously-operating museum in California, and only thing we spent money on while in Sacramento (besides food and coffee-those don’t count). If you ask me it was well worth it! $10/person gets you all-day access to this beautiful split-winged building. On one side of the oldest museum in the west is the historic Crocker home, filled with beautiful European paintings. The other side of the museum features an exceptional modern facade and layout as well as many beautiful modern art pieces. There is really something for everyone here.
Crocker Art Museum
Modern Art Crocker Art Museum

Coffee Coffee Coffee

One thing thats so important to me when visiting a new place is to visit a few local favorites/live like a local. When searching for the best coffee in the Sac area it became abundantly clear that no Starbucks would do…Temple Coffee was the only option. And it didn’t disappoint! With an on-site roastrie and considerable coffee and tea options, it is the perfect way to start your day or chill out in the evening. They have multiple locations in Sacramento; we visited the S Street location and I fell in love with the dreamy patio, but next time we visit I look forward to seeing the penny floor at their flagship store on K Street.
Temple Coffee Patio
Temple Coffee Cup


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    1. Girl I didn’t either but it is a BEAUTIFUL city! Definitely worth a trip, or at the very least a pit stop as you drive through!😘

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